Bloss can perform stenciling operations per Mil-Std-130 using epoxy inks per Mil-I-43553 and A-A-56032. Stenciling is sometimes the only way to mark difficult to reach areas of parts, such as where assemblies have already been put together, or where the marking location prohibits other methods like screenprinting or padprinting. Bloss manufactures all of our brass stencils in house for projects as simple as part numbering, or as complicated as identifying terminals and components mounted deep on the inside of a chassis or enclosure.

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  • Drill guides with stenciled circles for color coding.

  • Stenciling “J” numbers onto an anodized enclosure using a brass stencil.

  • Finished “J” number stenciled onto an anodized enclosure using epoxy ink.

  • Stenciling the inside of a deep drawn enclosure onto a chem. film surface.

  • This is an example of using the most efficient process for the application.  Pad printing on the outside of a ring, and stenciling on the inside of the part where pad printing could not reach.

  • Stenciling on the inside of a ring, with pad printing on the outside.  Both processes used epoxy inks for maximum adhesion.