Laser Marking

Laser marking is the ideal alternative when a permanent mark with fine detail and rapid turnaround is required. Bloss can reproduce the finest details of an intricate corporate logo or the smallest lettering and numbers on the head of a titanium bone screw. Our lasers have the capability to mark on cylindrical surfaces, perform automatic serialization, and mark standard bar codes and 2D Matrix I.D. bar codes. We can identify product per Mil-STD-130 and AS478. Laser marking is cost effective while offering a highly legible mark.

Laser marking on anodized products removes the anodized coating in the marking area, revealing the base metal color. Stainless steel products can be processed to create black or dark brown marking with a smooth finish. Titanium products can similarly be processed for a smooth final finish with markings in gold, blue, black, or silver.

Bloss lasers parts form a variety of industries. Orthopedic implants and surgical instruments, automotive parts, promotional products, electronics components, control panels, and plumbing fixtures are just a few of the items that we regularly process.

a logo file?

  • Examples of titanium and stainless steel orthopedic implants that Bloss laser marks on a regular basis. Medical products such as these require lot control throughout the production process.

  • An example of a laser marked clear anodized aluminum panel with half of the marking treated with an oxidizing chemical to turn the marking dark.

  • Bloss can perform intricate masking operations on coated surfaces.

  • An example of indexed laser marking on a black anodized aluminum knob.

  • Laser marking of a company logo on an anodized aluminum surface.

  • Examples of titanium orthopedic implants with a Type 2 titanium anodized coating on them. Laser marking on this finish can be adjusted to produce markings in blue, black, silver or gold colors.

  • An example of a red anodized aluminum identification plate with laser marking.

  • A stainless steel panel with a “tattoo” or “stain” mark applied with the laser. The mark is permanent but smooth on the surface of the material.