As one of the largest industrial engravers in Southern California, Bloss has the experience necessary to process the most challenging orders. Odd shapes, large or small sizes, and objects with compound curves are not a problem for our skilled craftsmen. They work easily with aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, brass, phenolic, and other types of plastics.

Bloss’ capabilities include both manual and computerized cylindrical engraving, 3D engraving, and serialization. Bloss regularly engraves aerospace components, elevator panels, control panels, mold inserts, interior architectural signage, medical products, nameplates and name badges.

a logo file?

  • Paint filling of engraved characters on an aluminum panel.

  • Computer engraving of corporate logos on anodized aluminum.

  • Airplane yokes with the engraving located across multiple compound surface curvatures.

  • Computer engraved industrial identification plates.

  • Engraved dials, protractors, identification plates, and plastic panels.

  • Engraved housings for recording studio microphones.

  • Fighter jet control grips with engraved characters located across multiple compound surface curvatures.

  • Examples of engraved interior architectural signage and nameplates. A wide assortment of material colors and textures are available to use for the signs and the frames.

  • Engraving on an Edgelight panel, with interior illumination. These are commonly used in aviation or automotive applications and will light up the engraved characters in low light conditions.