About Us

Bloss was founded by Frederick J. Bloss in 1946 in Pasadena, California. Mr. Bloss started the company as a model shop, making prototype plastic parts for marketing agencies and molding firms. When his customers began asking for the models to include identification, Mr. Bloss added an engraving department to his growing business. Eventually the engraving department became the largest part of the company, now called Bloss Plastics and Engraving. The company moved to a larger location in Pasadena in 1968, and was renamed Bloss Incorporated with the addition of a screenprinting department in 1991. The company continued to grow and moved to Arcadia, California in 1993 to gain much needed space. With new room to spread out, Laser Marking, Pad Printing, CNC Routing, and CNC Machining were added to the list of services that Bloss Incorporated provides. Still looking for greater space, Bloss Incorporated moved to its current and largest location in Monrovia, California in 2008.

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